Carla Franco is dominating the local airwaves alongside local electronic act Evida with their smash hit ‘1 2 3’. The star has been trying to break into the local entertainment space for a few years now and has really been working hard to make sure her music is world-class. What sets Carla apart, however, is the fact that she’s hearing impaired. However, the star refuses to let her disability come in between her love for music. In fact, it’s pushed her to work harder than ever before – and the work is certainly paying off.

Talk to us a bit about the inspiration behind ‘1 2 3’.

The inspiration behind ‘1 2 3’ came about from a break up that started out quite civil and became bitter really quickly. Essentially, the 1 2 3 refers to the first three times that the person had made tireless efforts to hurt me by ensuring that I saw how they were “moving on”. At its core, the song acknowledges those efforts made but regardless of those efforts, those girls will never amount to everything I was, did and felt for my ex-partner.

What was it like working with Evida on the song?

Working with Evida has honestly been a sense of home with nothing short of overwhelming love and passion for what we do. Evida are incredibly hardworking, inspirational and always willing to go the extra mile. It’s been such an honour and a blessing.

Briefly talk through the process of making music while being hearing impaired. Were there were challenges you encountered along the way?

Making music being hearing impaired has honestly never been a challenge for me per se. Due to music being my coping mechanism and my escape (as cliché as that sounds), it’s always just happened. But, when I’m in the studio, that’s where the challenges come in. There is immense stress on how much effort I need to put into pronunciation and focusing on that. I’ve always lived by the notion of if it’s what you want to do, do it. It’s an impairment, a “disability”, not a dead end.

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