By now, you must have heard Ed Sheeran’s phenomenal new single ‘Perfect’. The love ballad has become a worldwide phenomenon and has taken radio stations (and wedding ceremonies) by storm since it’s release in August this year. The song became Ed Sheeran’s second number one song in America and continues to prove that he is the biggest male pop star on the planet by now. But, in a bid to keep things different, the star has released some surprising collaborations of the hit song.

In ‘Perfect Duet’, the star teams up with Beyoncé where the two romantically exchange verses in the hit song. Although not many of the lyrics were changed (only pronouns have been mixed up for the song to make sense), the duet highlights just how romantic the song is. Sonically, the two give a stripped-down performance of the original track which allows their emotion to shine through the lyrics. Beyoncé has a massive fan base and the duet helped push the song to the number one spot around the world.

However, Ed had another surprise up his sleeve. The star teamed up with Andrea Bocelli for ‘Perfect Symphony’, an operatic rendition of the song. The song sees the featured guest giving a stellar vocal performance as he sings in Italian while Ed continues to deliver his original rendition over some fantastic strings but does throw in a few Italian lyrics into the mix which makes this an interesting and exciting release.

The song is currently the number one song in the world and we have a feeling it’s going to remain so all the way through to 2018. Ed continues to impress with the material off his ‘Divide’ album and we have a feeling ‘Perfect’ isn’t the last single we’re going to hear off this record.

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