Easy Freak burst onto the scene last year with their eclectic and dynamic approach to dance and pop music, finding a beautiful balance between the two genres. Now, after a string of hits, the duo continues with the promotion of their debut album ‘I’m Alright’ as they pick ‘Cap2vated’ as the next single off the project.

Much like their previous singles, Easy Freak strays away from hard-hitting beats and opt for a chilled, relaxed approach to dance music. ‘Cap2vated’ is the duo’s strongest single to date. Not only is the production slicker than any of their previous singles, but the songwriting and vocal delivery is top notch. There’s magic in the fact that the song takes a toned-down approach. It shows off a more vulnerable side to the group and because the sonic direction matches the lyrical content, there’s a holistic feel to the track.

The love song, however, isn’t intended as one between man and woman but rather between man and G-d. “I wrote this track about G-d, and about a relationship with Him, but we wanted to portray the lyrics in a more relatable way. Most people interpret the lyrics of the song in the way it’s depicted in the music video, and that’s the beauty of music. Every listener interprets it in their own way,” the group’s Jude Kenrick explains.

The video was shot in Durban in December 2017 by filmmaker Avi Mack and tells the story of a guy and a girl who meet at a diner, spend the night out in the town and end up falling for each other. But, the guy doesn’t feel like he can follow through on his feelings and the girl leaves. In the end, the guy ends up going to see the girl at her place. “We always want our music to make people move and dance, so we gotta have some scenes of us doing the same! We’re incredibly proud of the Cap2vated music video and we hope that everybody digs it too!” says Jude.

Watch the video for ‘Cap2vated’ here:

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