Australian pop star, Troye Sivan, has come a long way since his ‘Spud’ days. Although that means we see less and less of him on South African soil, he has given us some incredible pop tracks over the years. Today, the singer makes his highly-anticipated comeback as he drops the moody ‘My My My!’ as the lead single off his upcoming second studio album.

The song shows a massive amount of growth in both Sivan’s delivery and songwriting talents. Although the star takes the song to a dark sonic direction, the song is a romantic piece of music that is unlike anything out at the moment. The production is impeccable. The sound is edgy and unique and real and it’s something that will make people stop and listen. Vocally, Troye plays around with his lower and higher register in a calm and collected way.

Lyrically, Troye wrote the song about the sheer happiness he gets from boyfriend Jacob Bixenman. “Leland (Troye’s frequent co-writer) was chucking around lyric ideas”, Troye told Zane. “And I’m like super super in love and just really really happy and he said the words ‘My, my, my!’ and it just felt like…I was looking for that exhale of relief and liberation and excitement. I was looking for a phrase that summed up that feeling of complete freedom. And so he said it, and I was like oh my god that is so good.” He adds that “I loved the way it looked, I loved the way it sounded coming out of my mouth, it just felt good. So we started writing this song with the right team and at every step I was very cautiously making these minute changes until I was so ecstatic that day when I listened to the demo round my hotel room. It totally was [emotional].” Troye proves he has what it takes to become one of the world’s biggest pop stars and ‘My My My!’ will kick-start his transition to a global phenomenon.

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