The Chainsmokers are back with some new music. The EDM duo’s debut album ‘Memories… Do Not Open’ received mixed reviews but the duo is responsible for some of the biggest hits this decade. Now, after a short break, the group is back with a rather heavy single as they release ‘Sick Boy’.

The song is all about America’s skewered priorities. “I’m from the east side of America, where we choose pride over character, and we can pick sides but this is us,” The Chainsmokers’ Drew Taggart sings. “I live on the west side of America, where they spin lies into fairy dust, and we can pick sides but this is us.”

The sonic direction is a departure from The Chainsmokers we got to know over the past three years. ‘Sick Boy’ sees the duo venture into darker territory as they perform over a piano melody. The song is full of angst and is essentially the group acting out but there’s something that just doesn’t sound right here. I appreciate the boys attempt to get out of their comfort zone but, unfortunately, it didn’t work.

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