After making a rather bizarre comeback earlier this month with ‘Filthy’, Justin Timberlake continues to build up to his upcoming fifth studio album ‘Man Of The Woods’ ahead of it’s February 2nd release date. The star dropped ‘Supplies’, the second taste of the album, and with it another incredible music video.

‘Supplies’ continues Justin Timberlake’s latest sonic experimentation and although it is still nowhere near the country sound we were expecting, it’s definitely a step up from ‘Filthy’. This time around, Justin is here with a message. The video starts off with clips of various recent news headlines and includes the likes of the #MeToo movement, the Harvey Weinstein scandal, Black Lives Matter marches, anti-racism rallies and images of Trump.

Sonically, the song is more melodic and has a more edgy pop-focused element. However, the track continues in the dark, edgy sound Justin explored on ‘Filthy’. This time around, the song is more radio friendly and easier on the ear yet still packs quite a strong punch. The lyrical content on the song is strong. The song is a far cry from the ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’ sound Justin dabbled with back in 2016 and doesn’t really represent the country sound the album’s trailer hinted at. However, ‘Supplies’ is a powerful piece of pop music and proves that Justin means business this era.

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