His debut album ‘Yellow’ made waves around the country as it debuted at number one on the South African iTunes charts and it seems the country is finally giving Shane Eagle the attention he deserves. Over the past few months, he has proven to be a powerhouse within the local hip-hop space and continues to dominate on a daily basis. This week, the star opens up about his brand new album, his hit single ‘Julia’ and how hip-hop has grown massively over the past few years here in South Africa.

Congrats on the new LP. Tell us a bit about the stories you tell on ‘Yellow’.

The stories are tales of my childhood, my dreams and my present. I aim to send messages through the music that best represents me and the truth about where I am from and where I want to be.

‘Yellow’ is quite a personal record. What made this the perfect song to name this body of work after?

I called that song ‘Yellow’ because that was one of the most vivid memories I have been able to articulate from that time in my life and it sets the tone of the story telling in the album.

The album is your first. Was it an important thing for you to take your time with you debut offering?

Yes, it was. I had to make sure every part of the album was perfect before I could bring out my first album and I’m really happy with how it turned out.

‘Julia’ is taking the country by storm right now. Talk to us a bit about the inspiration behind the song.

‘Julia’ was an important record for me. It was something I gave the country to bring them up to speed with what I was doing on the album sonically, but it also shares the stories of where I am from and the unique perspective I own when it comes to various issues in South Africa.

The album has been well received so far. How does it feel knowing your music has identified with so many people around the country?

It’s a mind-blowing blessing. I feel grateful. The biggest blessing in the world is knowing that people are receiving the music we created as we intended it to be. I’m so grateful the country is identifying with the stories I wanted to share on this album.

Many of your songs are filled with emotion. How important is connecting with a listener emotionally in hip-hop?

I feel the most important thing is to connect with the listeners. I think that connection makes or breaks you as an artist. I don’t really care about what goes on around me which many rappers seem to do. I just focus on my job and sharing my story with my fans.

Now that the album is out, what else can we expect from you over the next few months?

I’ll definitely be doing some shows around the country and bringing my music to the fans. Keep an eye out on my social media pages for details.

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