Joe Jonas and the rest of his group, DNCE, have had a successful run ever since they burst onto the scene with their international chart topper ‘Cake By The Ocean’. Their debut self-titled album became a moderate success and after a short break, the band is back with a bang as the release ‘Dance’ – the lead single off their upcoming second studio album.

Sonically, the group continues to play within the signature funky pop sound they’ve made a name for themselves in. With claps, funky bass riffs, horns and a catchy chorus, the song has all the necessary elements a successful pop song encompasses. Joe gives a strong vocal performance and gives his all to the high-energy delivery of the song. Joe, JinJoo Lee, Jack Lawless and Cole Whittle of the group continue with their fun, light-hearted approach to pop music and although the lyrics are ridiculous at times, the song is something different and it’s great to see a group let loose and release music that makes them happy. Yes, it’s incredibly repetitive and isn’t anything we haven’t heard before but we can’t deny the foot-tapping happiness it brings.

The singles comes after the group released the Nicki Minaj-assisted single ‘Kissing Strangers’ as well as that bizarre remix they did with Rod Stewart on ‘Do You Think I’m Sexy?’. While we love the feel-good feeling, we’re not sure this is the strongest single to lead the new era so we’re hoping the group has something exciting planned for it’s next release. In the meantime, we’ll definitely be dancing our way to ‘Dance’!

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