Local pop group Opposite The Other is fast-becoming one of the most exciting pop acts in the country but just days after premiering their new single ‘Everybody Knows’, lead singer Sam Burger has revealed his new musical act ‘A Year On Earth’.

The lead single off the project is a track titled ‘Heaven’s Door’ which is a hauntingly beautiful ballad. The song is build on simple piano chords which allows the emotion in Sam’s incredible vocal performance to shine through. However, while the production and the vocals are impressive, it’s the lyrical content which makes this song shine. The story tugs on one’s heart strings and really allows the listener to feel – something every musician aspires to do. As expected, the sound is vastly different from the one the group releases so to release it under a different name makes sense. In fact, it’s a trend we often see around the world (ie. Diplo, Major Lazer and Jack Ü).

“I’m super excited to announce a new musical project I’m starting, as well as share my first song called ‘Heaven’s Door’,” Sam shared on his Facebook page. “My new years resolution for this year was simple: To create, not overthink, & share way more. This is me doing that. The project is called A Year On Earth and it’s just me making introspective songs about life, pretty much. I hope whoever hears it likes it. I’ll be sharing music throughout the year.”

It’s great to see how different Sam’s approach is to an act like Opposite The Other and that of A Year On Earth. His diversity is astounding and it says a lot about him as an artist. While you will most likely hear more of Opposite The Other than A Year On Earth, this project is definitely an exciting one and we can’t wait to hear more.

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