The Muffinz wowed local audiences with their fresh approach to music with their first two albums. Their debut single ‘Have You Heard?’ was nominated for a staggering five South African Music Awards and the group’s follow-up record ‘Do What You Love’ also got a nod. Now, as they ready the release of their third studio album, the group switches up their sound a bit on new single ‘Where You Are’.

The song shows a completely new sound to the group. With an eclectic mix of R&B, traditional and light jazz elements, the song is an interesting sonic experiment – and it works. The soulful vocal delivery is something that has always set this group apart and the powerful, striking chorus adds a different yet exciting flair to the single. Another thing that has always set The Muffinz is their obsession with producing quality music to compliment the poetry they write – and the production on ‘Where You Are’ is astounding. The sound beautiful electric guitar riff adds an element to their music we haven’t seen before and it proves that the group have some exciting things up their sleeve this era.

“‘Where You Are’ speaks about love and decision making,” the band explains. “Although we don’t choose who we love, we can choose who we spend more time with or even an eternity with…And the song speaks on the phenomena of “feeling someone”, it’s beyond hearing them, touching them, kissing them, but rather a deeper connection that maintains fidelity transcending space and time to reach wherever the lover may be.” The single impacts South African radio stations from today and we have a feeling that the song is going to become one of the group’s most successful records to date.

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