Distruction Boyz’s smash hit ‘Omunye’ has been one of the biggest local tracks over the past year. However, after a forensic copyright investigation was conducted on behalf of DJ LAG, it has been concluded that the instrumentals on his track ‘Trip To New York’ is identical to that of the ‘Omunye’ “even though the lyrics are completely different.”

According to City Press, “A music comparative analysis report, commissioned by DJ LAG’s management and designed to hold up in court, was compiled by song analysis expert and trained musician Sakhile Moleshe of Imilozi Music.” The publication adds that it has seen and studied the 31-page report which concludes that “I have found that, as a result of the tempo, key signature, instrumentation and lead melodies being identical in both musical works, Omunye was indeed copied from Trip to New York.”

The duo, however, has denied any plagiarism allegations claiming that the they bought the beat from DJ Mphyd – a young producer from Cape Town who denies any and all copyright claims against him. However, when you hear the two tracks side by side, it’s evident that this cannot be the case. “I have nothing to do with DJ LAG’s song. Plus it does not sound the same,” DJ Mphyd said to the publication over Whatsapp.

Meanwhile, the duo is shocked by the claims adding they never bought the beat legally from the producer. “We were listening to music online and heard this track by DJ Mphyd and contacted him. We were very shocked when we heard there was this problem,” the duo’s Thobani “Que” Mgobhozi says. “We’re friends with DJ LAG, we grew up with him. We’re creators. We never steal. Everything was done right. The only person who can tell you is [DJ Mphyd].”

DJ LAG’s manager Sevi Spanoudi confirms to City Press that ‘Trip To New York’ was released in April 2017 while ‘Omunye’s official release date was months later.

Now that the song has been found guilty of copyright infringement, it will be interesting to see how DJ LAG will be compensated for the thievery.

Do you agree with the sentencing? Listen to the ‘Trip To New York’ and ‘Omunye’ and decide for yourself.

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