They’ve always been a band that has gone against the grain so the decision to release ‘Magic’, a break-up anthem, on Valentines Day isn’t shocking. The new single comes after the success of the group’s latest single ‘Wild Heart’ which also serves as the name of their latest EP. ‘Magic’ reminds listeners that although love is a beautiful thing, it also has its dark side and is a raw, real reflection of the emotions we experience during a break-up. This song, however, takes it a step further and explores the period where a person starts to accept the break-up and move on with their lives.

The best music is the kind that has the ability to connect with its audiences on an emotional level and this song does exactly that. Although it’s packaged inside a radio-friendly pop package, the emotions and stories are real and the ability to put those feelings into song in such a commercial way is why this song is so special.

“This song is by far the most real, revealing song we’ve written. It’s a sure, confident middle finger to the nauseating, heart-breaking and gut-wrenching times. The moments when you’d rather dissolve into your mattress than wake up. To the person that unjustly took a part of you when they up and left one day. It is a track about triumph and riding into the sun-set, guns blazing and stronger than before. You’ll know exactly what I mean after the first chorus.” explains December Streets front-man Tristan Coetzee.

Dane Steinhobel, who makes his lead vocal debut on this track, adds that the song “encompasses the paralyzing feeling of being on the receiving end of a brutal break-up that smacks you right in the face, out of nowhere, leaving you stranded and alone. It’s sung in emotion looking back at the ‘relationship’ and realizing how you got f@#$ed, and is meant as a healing process, getting it out. The song goes through the life-cycle of a break-up. For example, the second verse looks at the classic phase of when the heart-breaker returns for more, but you’ve moved on by then. They seem pathetic and you can’t believe you ever fell for their bullsh!t. It’s basically a big f@#k you to the person that promised you everything but ran away with their promises.”

The song is fresh, powerful and, as mentioned, has the ability to connect with it’s audience. So it’s expected to be another massive single for the duo who continue to solidify their status as one of the greatest pop acts in the country right now. ‘Magic’ is available on the ‘Wild Heart’ EP which can be downloaded or streamed on your favourite musical platform now.

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