Last year, The X Factor South Africa winners, FOUR, announced that they were splitting. The news shattered the hearts of their loyal fanbase but Steven Lee, Jethro Tait and David Januari promised the music wouldn’t stop there. Jethro currently appears on Pascal & Pearce’s massive hit single ‘Running Wild’ and after months of waiting, Steven Lee is ready for his comeback.

The star releases his new single ‘Only You’ today and it sees the star head into a new sonic direction. The track has elements of tropical house and pop – a sound which is incredibly current right now. The song is a solid debut and shows the potential Steven has to become a star in his own right.

As Steven Lee celebrates the release of his new single, we chat to him exclusively about his new music:

We’re so excited about your solo debut! What makes ‘Only You’ the perfect debut single?

I think it’s the perfect debut single for me because it shows off the artist that I am and also the style of my writing – something I am very proud of.

What inspired the song?

I wanted to do something fresh and current that would suit me. The song is about that one special person out there who you are almost addicted to and makes your heart pound whenever you are in the same room together. But, it’s far more than just the typically ‘I only have eyes for you’ kind of love song. It’s that person who is also your best friend, who you can be romantic with, but at the same time also just be silly, funny and yourself with

The sound is very different from that of FOUR. Was this strategic?

It was strategic, yes. I had to do something that would be different from the group and not just an extension of it. I’m showing off a new product so I have to always be smart about everything. I mean I always have and still do love the house sound and will still make music in that style. But, these days in the music industry you have to be so versatile, and that’s part of the reason why I went for this sound – one which I also love. I’ve always been attracted to that dance hall/pop vibe so it was an easy space for me to explore.

Now that the single is out, what else do you have up your sleeve this year?

I have lots up my sleeve but I can’t give too much away. Before an album, I want to build my solo brand with a few singles which I will release this year to create a broader fan base. Then, eventually, I will release an album. I’ve already done a few collaborations and I’m hoping to head out on tour in the future as well.

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