We love unearthing new talent here and one of the most exciting new pop acts we can’t get enough of is Tussen Sterre. The Afrikaans pop group has just released their debut album ‘Kosmies’ which includes the hits ‘Wonder Steeds’, ‘Vir Ewig ‘n Goeie Tyd’ and their new single ‘Hemelrym’ which features Bouwer Bosch. This week, the group opens up about their fresh sound, the space theme that surrounds their debut album and what inspired their brand new single.

‘Kosmies’ is your debut album. What inspired the space theme?

The space theme came about when we thought about what the name “Tussen Sterre” really means. It has a cosmic magnitude not only for us, but for the Afrikaans industry as well. The wordplay with titles such as ‘Hemelrym’ and ‘Wenteldans’ also illustrates this concept nicely.

Your music is a fresh approach to pop/rock within an Afrikaans spectrum. What inspired the musical direction on the album?

The direction of our music is formed greatly by our individual influences. We drew inspiration from big guitars, rock and blues and artists like John Mayer, Ed Sheehan and even Josh Groban. It’s always a challenge when writing Afrikaans music to keep in mind what the genre sounds like today. We just try to write music that is honest with what we like and still within the boundaries of the current industry.

You’ve said your music helps explain emotions people struggle to put into words. How important is it for you to create music that identifies with people?

Music is the one universal thing that people can relate to in general and that’s one of the main reasons we try to put our experiences and thoughts into our songs. We generally don’t focus on what we think people feel but rather issues and feelings that we struggle with ourselves.

You worked alongside Bouwer Bosch on your new single ‘Hemelrym’. What was that experience like?

Bouwer is definitely one the coolest people we’ve ever worked with. All of us were big Straatligkinders fans so naturally it was a dream come true to work with him on ‘Hemelrym’. We’re very proud of the song and we can already see the changes that it’s making in people’s lives.

The track’s music video follows a rugby player who’s true passion is ballet. Tell us a bit more about the theme of both the song and video.

The song is actually a representation of what we went through in school. Being musicians and slightly different to other kids, we didn’t follow the traditional path the rest of the kids were on. We followed our passions and even though people struggle to accept the decisions we make, we stick to our guns because it’s what we believe in. We feel that it’s important to be who you are and to love yourself no matter what people think and that’s exactly what we wanted the music video to show as well.

What has been the most exciting moment in your Tussen Sterre career so far?

All of us will definitely agree that the highlight has been working with Bouwer and to finally launch our first album. We have only dreamt of having the country take in something that we created. It’s an amazing feeling.

What do the next few months have in store for the band?

The most important thing for us at this stage is to have enough material for album number two so we’re writing vigorously and trying to refine the Tussen Sterre sound.

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