Although Armand Joubert fell out of The Voice South Africa fairly early in the game, he’s the perfect example that one should utilise every opportunity to turn your passion into a career. The star managed to get a small but loyal fanbase which has grown tenfold since his appearance on the reality television competition so it was no surprise that Universal Music South Africa signed a deal with him. Now, after dropping his moderately-successful debut single ‘Should I’, Armand Joubert is back with his highly-anticipated second solo single ‘So Gone’.

Armand continues with his mission to become a pop phenomenon with this single. It’s a radio-friendly track which is elevated by strong songwriting and slick vocals from the star and it’s expected to be another hit for Armand. Although the chorus is annoyingly repetitive, it’s an earworm for sure which will ensure the track makes an impact when people hear it for the first time.

“‘So Gone’ is such a fun track, that with its melody and beat, you just want to get up and dance; yet it has a deeper meaning in the lyrical content,” Armand says of his new single. “It reminds me that when we have an altercation or fight with someone and want to recoil in the fear of getting hurt, we risk losing that person and everything that was shared.”

Armand wrote the song alongside Dominic Neill who really forced the newcomer to get creative when it came to his songwriting. “I haven’t met an artist in a long time that gets straight to the point like Dominic. He completely takes you out of your comfort zone and brings out the best quality in you as an artist,” Armand tells us. “He knows what he wants out of a song and it reminds me a lot of myself and I think that is why it was such a good recipe for us to write this song together.”

‘Only You’ is now available on your favourite digital platform.

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