His latest singles ‘Sweet Fire’ and ‘Star Signs’ are dominating airwaves across the country and AKA is putting the final touches on his next studio album. But, the rapper has hinted that his upcoming ‘Touch My Blood’ album could very well be his last when he replied to a fan on twitter saying the album is “by far my best album. Might even be my last one.” Naturally, this sent fans into a frenzy but the shocking news could very well be true.

In an interview with TshisaLIVE last September the rapper said that “I will drop a new single this year. I like to make music and, to me, albums are a bit restrictive, but it is what it is. People want albums, so I will put my heart into it. Every song is a painting for me and Van Gogh didn’t make 12 paintings and then put them in a gallery.”

Now, after revisiting the notion on Twitter this week, AKA’s publicist confirms the news adding that AKA wants to pursue other interests beyond music. “Yup. This is it. This is his last album. He wants to do other things with his life beyond music,” says Tshiamo Letswene “He is a father and a businessman. He has a company to run and he will be focusing on that and other projects. He will always be AKA and will dip in and out of music.” Tshiamo adds that album is expected to drop in May and promises to impress.

While this news is devastating, this doesn’t necessarily mean that AKA is quitting music. With the way people are consuming music these days, albums seem to be expensive and waste a lot of money. People are looking to purchase singles instead of full albums which aligns to AKA’s strategy so, while ‘Touch My Blood’ could be AKA’s last album, don’t expect him to be giving up on music just yet.

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