After a shocking decision by the Film and Publications Board (FPB) to change the controversial film Inxeba’s rating from 16 to a ‘pornographic’ X18 was made last month, the film ultimately became banned from all cinemas around the country. Court proceedings began to change the shocking classification the film was given but the board has revealed that they have revised the classification and have amended the rating to 18 – which means movie goers won’t need to find an adult cinema to watch the film anymore.

The decision was made at the Pretoria High Court this morning “All the parties that were in court today agreed that in the interim before the next court date, the age restriction of 18 years will be used,” FPB spokesperson Manala Botolo says.

The amended rating will stay in place until review proceedings of the FPB appeals tribunal’s decision to raise the film’s original age restriction from 16 is heard on March 28. This means that the film will return to cinemas around the country from Friday and will remain in cinemas until a final judgement is made at the proceedings.

Last month, the FBP released a statement saying “The Film and Publication Board (FPB) Appeal Tribunal has overturned the classification rating of 16 LS given to the film Inxeba – The Wound and gave it a rating of X18 with the classifiable elements of Sex, Language, Nudity, Violence and Prejudice. The reasons for the decision of the Appeals Tribunal are to be shared once they have been finalized and furnished by the Tribunal.”

Lead actor Nakhane Toure welcomed the new rating and requested fans to go out and watch the film this weekend. “We’re back in cinemas. Censorship was unlawful to begin with. Go and watch the film, lovers. Piracy has shown us flames (not in a good way),” he tweeted shortly after the decision was made.

Will you be watching Inxeba this weekend?

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