Last night, Tumi Voster and teammate Mark-Anthony Bingham became the first contestants to be booted off the new season of Tropika Island Of Treasure. The pair had a hard time during their stint on the show and often found themselves at the bottom of the leaderboard. But, after fighting for a place on the island against Khanya Mkangisa and partner Mpande Buthelezi, luck was unfortunately not on their side.

Naturally, the duo is gutted about being the first to leave the island and their bulbby personalities are sure to be missed. We caught up with Tumi shortly after being eliminated.

What surprised you most about yourself being on TIOT and the island?

If you told me five years ago that I would be on a reality show, I would’ve probably not believed you. I learned that I can do whatever I set my mind to doing. I learned to be more open to new and exciting experiences! Everything that happened on that island was a surprise every single day but I was prepared and ready every single day to face all the challenges. I am happy that I got to show my fans or followers a different side of me they’ve never seen before as I am quite a private person.

Where do you think you could have improved?

I am a person who lives life at her own pace and is always focused on what I am doing and don’t look at other people as competition, but I soon realised how competitive everyone became on the island. So perhaps I needed to unleash some competitiveness in me.

What was the best thing about being teamed up with your partner?

Mark was very kind and driven, which were great traits!

Who did you think your biggest competitor was?

I think my biggest competition was between Sbahle, Brendan and Melinda.

Why should people continue to watch TIOT8 for the remainder of the season?

People should continue to watch because of all the Slenda Twists which has kept everyone on their feet, and the competition gets real as everyone fights for that R1 million prize.

What advice do you wish someone told you before the show?

I don’t think any advice can prepare you for this type of show. I believe you just need to be open minded and be prepared for anything. Most importantly, create unforgettable experiences, learn something new about yourself through the entire experience, and make new friends!

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