They’re back! Over the past few months, local punk/pop group CrashCarBurn has been keeping a low profile but the band is back with a bang! Last month, the group announced that they would be releasing their new studio album ‘Headlights’ on the 6th of April this year and now, they’ve officially dropped the lead single off the project – and ‘Summer Forever’ reminds us exactly why we fell in love with the band many years ago.

CrashCarBurn seem to go back to their roots, break the rules and just have fun on the track. Lead singer Garth Barnes continues to perfect his signature punk sound which both gives us a bit of a throwback to the era’s prime while still managing to stay relevant in today’s musical climate. The group sounds incredibly comfortable in the new sonic direction they’ve embarked on and the confidence shows in the performance.

“‘Summer Forever’ is about making a decision that will permanently change your life for the better,” Garth explains. The star adds that single is strategic in introducing the band’s new sound to their fans. “We’ve grown over the last 6 years and so has our sound. ‘Summer Forever’ is a track that will ease fans into an album that they might not be expecting!”

The group has become synonymous with epic music videos to accompany their tracks and delivered a hilarious visual to accompany their new single. Shot and directed by band member Brendan ‘Bugsy’ Barnes, the video tells the story of a guy hanging out with his best friend – a dog. When their fun gets shut down by a lifeguard who takes his job a little too seriously, the two friends have to find a way to jumpstart the party! The video stars comedian and ‘Tali’s Wedding Diary’ star Glen Biederman-Pam group had over 10 dogs on set which sounds like the perfect working environment. “Summer Forever is an uplifting track so the video features a story about finding happiness in the most unlikely of scenarios,” Garth adds.

‘Summer Forever’ impacts radio stations across the country today and CrashCarBurn’s highly-anticipated new album ‘Headlights’ is now available for pre-order. Support local music and download or stream the song on your favourite digital platform now.

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