He’s an exceptional storyteller and in his new single, Werner Bekker dissects the ups and downs of a relationship. ‘Alive Again’ is about a newly found love after a hearty break-up, which at the time Werner thought was going to change his life, only to realise the feeling was short-lived.

“’Alive Again’ is about that cliché feeling everyone gets when they have been in a bad relationship and get caught up in the throes of young love. Pretty corny but it’s real and everyone feels that way at one time or another,” the singer explains.

The song is a beautiful piece of music and the lyrical content comes from an honest place. Werner has a strong vocal and his emotion shines through. The star will be performing the song at the Mieliepop Festival on Friday 22 March and at Splashy Fen Festival on 30 March. Support local music and download or stream the song on your favourite digital platform today.

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