Shekhinah has been a powerhouse since she burst onto the local music scene with her massive debut single ‘Back To The Beach’. The star has since released several chart-topping hits including an incredible collaboration with Black Coffee and now, she’s finally released her debut album ‘Rose Gold’. The album includes the star’s latest single ‘Suited’ and gives us an insight into who the star really is. This week, Shekhinah chats to us about her new record, the female-only collaborations on the album and what the future has in store.

‘Rose Gold’ is here! The single-approach seemed to have been working for you over the past few years. What makes now the perfect time to release an album?

I felt it was important to offer my audience a body of work and not just singles every year to help just increase the overall engagement at live shows online and social media. I feel albums also show a certain level of dedication to your craft and I am so proud of ‘Rose Gold’.

Your crossover sound appeals to so many different markets in South Africa. How important is it to you to reach a wide variety of people with your music?

It’s super important. I relate with all kinds of different people and I really wanted everyone to be able to relate to and enjoy my music and my sound.

‘Suited’ was easily one of the biggest singles of the 2017. What inspired the song?

The song was inspired by the overall love I have found in my journey in Johannesburg. It also kind of works as a follow-up to ‘Let You Know’ and ‘Back To The Beach’ in a weird and wonderful way. I have found peace, happiness and love in my new home and life and I wanted to bring that out through song.

Why do you think so many people identified with the song?

I think we all find people in our lives we feel we are suited for. A best friend or a lover. This is probably why so many people relate to this track.

The lyrical content on the record is both impressive and diverse. Talk to us a bit about the stories you wanted to share on this record.

I really wanted to touch lives with the music I created on this album. Not only was it important to me to explore every aspect of myself but also express what makes me both happy and sad.

You worked with Rouge, Mariechan and Asali on the record. Was joining forces with female collaborators always part of the plan?

No. I initially wanted two other male artists on the album but I wasn’t able to get the features finished on time so, in a way, it feels like it was meant to just be. With Asali, it was awesome coming together in the studio because we had studied the same course for three years our diversity in style of music and country of origin made the song exciting. Then, with Mariechan, it was so important for me to showcase another female artist with a unique and outstanding vocal ability. She is a legend that I never wanted anyone to forget about and I loved working with her. Lastly, with Rouge, I just knew we would work well together and I am so happy with the result.

Which track on the record means the most to you?

That’s always such a difficult question to answer but I can’t help but feel that ‘Any Way I Want’ has so much of my spirit in it.

Now that the album is out, what else can we expect from you over the next few months?

I’ve got so many incredible things coming up and I’m going to need everyone’s support on them. I will also be performing the new songs off this album across the country.

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