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Troye Sivan has been dominating the international pop charts around the world with his edgy love song ‘My My My’ and the song’s realness and rawness has identified with so many people around the world. Local electronic act Goodluck are some of the people who fell in love with the song and decided to put their own spin on the track.

Jules’ silky smooth vocals gives the song a new dimension while the electronic production stays true to the original’s moody arrangement while throwing in some of Goodluck’s signature style – making it truly unique.

Goodluck are currently promoting their latest single ‘Be Yourself’ which has a powerful message of self-love. Positive, uplifting themes have always been something the group has enjoyed bringing to life through song and it’s great to see the group make such an impact through their craft.

This cover once again proves that the group is incredibly creative and talented and we can’t get enough of it.

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