Local indie folk star Jeremy Loops has had an incredibly successful comeback. Earlier this year, the singer dropped his comeback single ‘Waves’ which has become a massive hit on local radio and released his second studio album ‘Critical As Water’. The album opened at number one on the local iTunes charts and has charted in major territories around the world making it one of the most internationally acclaimed local projects of the year. Now, the star continues to promote the album with his new single ‘Freak’.

The sonic direction on ‘Freak’ is definitely a new avenue for the singer. The singer blends elements of folk, jazz and reggae together effortlessly while adding some rap to his signature husky vocal performance and although the sound should be overwhelming on paper, it’s a beautiful amalgamation of the genres Jeremy has fallen in love with and the star constructed a refreshing, unique track which is unlike anything on radio at the moment.

Lyrical content has always been something Jeremy has placed a tremendous amount of time on and on ‘Freak’, the star pokes fun at the comical levels of materialism in mainstream music today.. “I love rap music and enjoy the odd pop record too, but the content often feels so contrived, to the point of being absurd. I find joy in many of the things I’ve found joy in since I was young,” Jeremy says. “The things that don’t cost millions of dollars to take part in. I feel like most of us are like that, and we’re just resigned to being constantly sold on bling and private yachts. And if it makes us freaks for rejecting and laughing at what pop culture is trying to sell us, then so be it.”

‘Freak’ has already been well-received by fans of the singer. The song has become a fan-favourite with local audiences and has already entered the German radio airplay charts and has been charting on iTunes in Germany as well.

The song is available on Jeremy Loops’ new album ‘Critical As Water’ which is available in store or on your favourite digital music service now.

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