The ‘Divide’ era has been Ed Sheeran’s biggest to date. With ‘Shape Of You’ becoming an international phenomenon and his latest hit ‘Perfect’ becoming one of his biggest singles to date, Ed seems to be unstoppable. Now, as he continues to promote the new album, Ed has chosen the emotional ballad ‘Happier’ as the next single off the project.

‘Happier’ is a break-up song with a twist. The theme of the song is about looking back at an early relationship, and that despite being initially angry and bitter at the breakup, later come to realise that his first love was happier with someone else.

Ed is a master with lyrics and has really dug deep into his own soul to bring out the emotion that encompasses the track. The song was written with Ryan Tedder and Benny Blanco and has become a fan-favourite around the world thanks to its ability to relate to an international audience.

The singer continues to deliver an emotional vocal performance and a beautiful arrangement of instrumentals which highlights his message. Ed says “I remember the first girl I was with, that the first and most of the second album was about, that I was with from school. And I remember the guy she was with, meeting him one day and being like, he is so much suited to her than I ever was. Seeing them together, we never looked like that, we were never that couple, we were never that happy. So it was having a kind of epiphany moment, and writing a song that was basically that.”

‘Happier’ is available on Ed Sheeran’s hit album ‘Divide’ and is expected to take over the airwaves around the world over the next few weeks. Ed has another hit on his hands!

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