Back in August 2016, American DJ Joe Bermudez’s hit single ‘Sunrise’ with local songstress Louise Carver topped the Billboard Dance Club chart and became one of the most successful singles of both artists’ career. Their collaboration was so electrifying that the duo decided to work on another song. They released ‘Crazy Enough’ earlier this year and proved that their recipe stays winning as the duo reached the top of the same chart yet again!

The past 4 weeks saw the single climbing the TOP 5 in the chart and this week Joe Bermudez and Louise Carver are King & Queen of the chart reigning over top international acts such as Demi Lovato (who peaked at #2 last week), Rita Ora, Dua Lipa, Kylie Minogue, Keala Settle & The Greatest Showman Ensemble as well as superstar DJ’s like DJ Snake, Afrojack and MK.

“I would have been happy if this song connected with just one person so imagine how happy I am that it’s connected with enough people to make it go #1,” Joe said shortly after finding out his single hit the top spot. Joe added that working with Louise was incredible and thanked her for her contribution to the single. “ I can’t thank Louise Carver enough for being crazy enough to jump on a plane and fly to Boston to work with me either. Her beautiful delivery of the song’s message is a big reason it’s done so well. She is a world class talent.” He adds that “Everyone nowadays claims to be a singer, but no one wants to put in the long hours to be one. That’s what I love about Louise. She has worked so hard over the years to perfect her craft and it shows. You feel every word she sings. She has this incredible gift for connecting a lyric to an audience. Simply put she’s the best! I’m excited to do many more collaborations with her”

Louise adds that “Joe is a rare find in an industry filled with huge egos and big talk, little action. He is all about the work and connecting with his fans in an authentic way,” she says. “We work well together because we both love what we do and understand what we need to do to make great music. I hope to work with him for a long time to come.”

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