Jethro Tait has had an incredible career so far. He was part of the boyband Four which won the first and only season of The X Factor South Africa and lent his vocals to Pascal & Pearce’s hit single ‘Running Wild’. The star is also an incredible songwriter and co-wrote hits for acts like Craig Lucas, Majozi and Richard Stirton amongst others. Now, he’s ready to introduce himself as a solo act with his debut solo single ‘One For The Books (A.U.I) – and we’re so excited about it.

Jethro takes a very surprising sonic direction on the single which gives us a deeper glimpse into who he really is as an artist. The song is euphoric but has an emotional and almost moody undertone which is unlike anything on radio at the moment. There are African-inspired chants which pay tribute to Jethro’s heritage and a great addition to the song seeing as it is first song where Jethro shows us who he really is. The song is about having a debaucherous night out and forgetting about all your responsibilities for those few hours. Naturally, the song is beautifully written. It’s catchy, emotional and different – all the necessary elements to a hit single.

“I feel like ‘One For The Books (A.U.I)’ is a good benchmark for the direction I see myself going both sonically and as an artist,” Jethro tells us. “I knew I wanted to do something very specific and when I finished the first demo of the song I felt right away that it was “the one.” I also think it clearly shows my influences and gives people a distinct idea of who I am as an artist.”

Jethro adds that he was inspired to do something different with his debut single and that releasing something different yet familiar was his top priority. “I listen to artists like Ed Sheeran and Jon Bellion who drift from the generic pop formula but at the same time manage to fit comfortably into what’s current. I took that approach,” he explains. “The song has a bit of a dancehall and reggaetón feel to it and it incorporates sounds that are current, but it doesn’t go there entirely. Hopefully people appreciate the approach and like that it’s a little different.”

‘One For The Books (A.U.I)’ is out now on your favourite digital streaming service.

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