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Review: Anne-Marie - Speak Your Mind
4.0Overall Score

Over the past few years, Anne-Marie has slowly but surely been dominating the international pop charts. The star broke into mainstream success with her smash hit ‘Alarm’ back in 2016 and has since worked with artists like Rudimental, Snakehips, Clean Bandit and Sean Paul and her latest single ‘Friends’ alongside producer Marshmello is on track to be her biggest hit to date. Now, the star has finally released her debut album ‘Speak Your Mind’ and is, alongside Dua Lipa’s self-titled album, the most refreshing piece of pop music from a new artist we’ve heard in a long time.

On ‘Speak Your Mind’, Anne-Marie takes you on a sonic journey. While playing in the pop space, each song almost has a mind of its own and it makes for an interesting listen. The album’s opening track ‘Cry’ has a dark, heavy approach which blends in perfectly with Anne-Marie’s powerful, confident delivery. Meanwhile, ‘2002’ has a lovely nostalgic essence to it. This is different from the sound Anne-Marie explored on hits like ‘Ciao Adios’ and ‘Then’.

The golden thread that pulls this album together, however, is Anne-Marie strong vocal. Her voice is incredibly clean and strong and the singer understands her instrument. She tests herself by taking her voice to a variety of different areas and effortlessly hits every note. Her girl-next-door approach makes her an artist the audience is able to relate to – and this is heightened by the lyrical content the star explores. There’s an authenticity to the material Anne-Marie has created for this project.

When it comes to a hit song, the production needs to be as strong as the vocal performance and lyrical content and Anne-Marie has worked with some incredible people on this album. As mentioned, the songs explore a variety of different sounds and sonic avenues and what makes ‘Speak Your Mind’ so special is that each song has the potential to be a hit single – a rare feat for an artist’s debut album.

Anne-Marie has a lot to say and she has released one of the most impressive pop album’s you’ll hear this year. It’s clear that she has spent a lot of time and effort ensuring that the album is perfect and the hard work has paid off.

‘Speak Your Mind’ releases everywhere on the 27th of April 2018.

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