They’re one of Mzansi’s hottest exports and after years of touring the world, Goldfish is back with a new album. The group came back with a bang last year when they released their comeback singles ‘Deep Of The Night’ and ‘If I Could Find’ and their fresh approach to the dance and jazz genres continue to set them apart. This week, we chat to the group about their new album, their diversity as a group and why their live shows are so popular.

Congrats on your new album! Tell us a bit about the creation process which went into ‘Late Night People’.

This album was a process of two years. A lot of stuff happened to us personally and in our musical capacities which definitely influenced things. And, of course, moving to San Diego was a huge influence on our headspace. We didn’t rush things and it has been really great to look back on the process and see how it all fell into place like a magical swiss clock. Being taken out of your comfort zone is always where you are going to do your best work.

You worked with Soweto Kinch on the title track. What prompted you to title the project ‘Late Night People’?

We were actually in Nicaragua in the jungle at a studio when this track kicked off. We’d gone there for a week to surf, record and just get away from the crazy tour life which had been burning us out a little. Soweto Kinch was this amazing Saxophonist and freestyle rapper from the UK that we had played with before at the Cape Town Jazz festival back when we were still in a jazz band – before GoldFish even started. When we started working on this track he came to mind as he has such a unique creative rap style, so we had got in contact about him trying something over the track. To our utter surprise he had come back saying he was keen…and had even thrown in some incredible sax recordings too. Anyway, it was probably 2am in the studio in Nicaragua and we got a mail with a link to all these takes Soweto had recorded and mailed over from his studio in the UK. Dave and I looked at each other while we were listening back to them, and knew we had a track that had gone from being a novelty on the album to the title track.

‘If I Could Find’ was a massive track off the record. What inspired the single?

This song was born on the road, while we were driving up the crazy mountain passes in Colorado for a show at the legendary Belly Up club in Aspen. We had the track session plugged into the aux input of our car and we were working on it while our tour manager drove. It was such inspiring scenery going by as Dave came up with the opening line ‘If I could find a new state of mind…’ and from there, we pretty much had most of the song done by the time we arrived in Aspen. The lyrics allude to a place that we are always chasing – escaping all the distractions of this world that are constantly pulling us away from living our best selves.

‘Deep Of The Night’ also did massive things. Did you expect the track to become one of your biggest singles to date?

That track started driving home from late evening surf Cape Town, before we moved to the states. We heard Diamond Thug on a demo play on a radio slot, and we were immediately hooked on Chantel’s unique voice and vocal delivery. We got in contact about working together, they were keen and wrote the song together with the band. It’s been so awesome to see how it has been received. You get your best inspiration sometimes in the deep of the night.

Your live show is incredible. What do you think it is about your performances that connect to so many people around the world?

Thanks so much. We have always put a major emphasis on the live show. To be honest, and this may annoy some people – it feels like there has to be more to electronic music these days than playing off a USB. We aren’t all playing on vinyl anymore which required all your attention to keep in sync and was super time consuming. That has been negated with technology so now it just feels like there is more time to be creative instead of throwing cakes and stage diving. That’s where we try to bring the live element in. Live electronic music is the future.

You’re one of the first acts who put South African dance music on the map. The genre has exploded over the past few years. What do you think is the most exciting thing about African dance music?

We definitely have a unique sound as a country and it’s really cool to see so many artists from South Agricaa starting to blow up overseas. We have so much talent and passion and hunger as a country. This is just the beginning for sure.

What does the rest of 2018 have in store for you guys?

We’ll be touring the world, collaborating and always growing and learning. This is the dream and we’re honoured to be living it.

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