Local indie pop group Shortstraw has taken stages around the country by storm. Their quirky approach to music has made a lasting impression on thousands of fans around the country and have become a staple on multiple radio station playlists and festival line-ups around the country. However, while the group is in the middle of their off-season, lead singer Alastair Thomas using this time to explore an exciting side-project titled COCKLES. Joining him is Oliver Nathan (original Shortstraw drummer), Jacques du Plessis (who recorded 3 Shortstraw albums and played in Wrestlerish and Dance,you’reonfire), and Chris van der Linde.

The singer has just released ‘Joshin’ Around’, the lead single from COCKLES, and it shows a lot of promise. Cockles continues to dabble within the indie pop space and Alastair says that the project creates ‘happy music for sad people’. The melody is pretty basic and Alastair, who wrote the song in just 10 minutes before cutting a demo, uses the lyrical content of the song to make the impact. “Anyone who feels like they might not have achieved as much as society (or their Facebook feeds) may suggest they should have, would be able to identify with this song,” Alastair tells us. “The song is basically about getting older and the self doubt that comes with it. Everyone else is seemingly doing great things while I’m stuck in a boring job and dreaming of being a singer. Then, even after acting on it, I’m still just a guy who wakes up to wee and then can’t get back to sleep.”

The video for the track was conceptualised by Dan McCauley and Jesse Coetsee from Dolph. With their delightfully quirky and visual approach to videos, their attitude and style was a perfect fit for COCKLES. Mainly shot over the course of one night by Rick Joaquim, the team made their warped vision come to life: The video features various versions of COCKLES wearing a mask of his own face doing a bunch of creepy stuff, which will undoubtedly leave the viewer feeling ever so slightly uncomfortable.

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