DJ Qness is back with another banger. The DJ responsible for the smash hits ‘My World’ with Kyle Deutsch and ‘Can You Feel It’ with December Streets is back with his biggest collaborative effort to date. The producer has teamed up with pop duo Locnville and hip-hop heavyweight K.O. for ‘Starry Sky’ – and it’s expected to be one of his biggest releases yet.

The song showcases each of the artists strengths. The production is on-trend and DJ Qness blends various pop and dance elements in an edgy yet somewhat safe way. Locnville lead the track with it’s first verse and the chorus before K.O. effortlessly slays his rap mid-track. ‘”Starry Sky” is a song about that ‘boy meets girl’ experience that we all have and you know it’s going to turn out to be something real fun,” DJ Qness tells us about the song.

Meanwhile, Locnville reveal that when they first heard the beat, they knew this is a song they wanted to be a part of. “Our management sent us this track a few months back and we really liked the feel of the beat. DJ Qness has a really nice style,” the duo says in a statement. “We came up with the track pretty quick after that. It took a while for everything to come together. Things have been mad busy – but once it all came together, it worked out really well. Having K.O hop on the track was an unexpected but perfect fit, it’s definitely something different for him.” The rapper shares the twins’ sentiment adding that “DJ Qness’ team reached out to me with the track after Locnville recorded their vocals and from the moment I heard it, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. It was something that was definitely out of my traditional comfort zone but it came so naturally.”

‘Starry Sky’ is now available on all major digital music platforms. Support local music and download or stream the song today.

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