She just wants that cream, that money and that cash flow! Jennifer Lopez wowed audiences around the world on Sunday when she performed her new DJ Khaled and Cardi B-assisted single ‘Dinero’ at the Billboard Music Awards and now, the star has released an incredibly sexy music video for the track.

The song is all about the star’s love for money – a subject I’m not too thrilled she tackled. While the song is a hit, the message is vapid and unnecessary and isn’t a message we’re used to seeing her spreading. However, you can’t deny that ‘Dinero’ is a banger. The bilingual single incorporates the Latin phenomenon with banging beats and English lyrics to help the singer identify with a global audience. Jennifer has created some of her best work in Spanish and it’s great seeing her blend both languages into the single.

The video shows off the star living her best life. From stunning mansions to exotic pets to strip poker and, naturally, lots of money, the video has it all. The creative direction is exquisite and the video is beautifully shot. DJ Khaled and Cardi B add their own flair to the video as well (uh, can we talk about the scene of Jennifer and Cardi B in bed!).

The single is expected to be a massive one for all three artists and the promotion it’s received already alongside this appealing visual sets the single on it’s course.

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