Daniel Baron brought us a multitude of dance bangers on his latest album ‘Weekend Of Mass Destruction’. Tracks like ‘Children Of The Sun’ and ‘Weekend’ dominated radio charts around the country and as that era comes to a close, Daniel pours his heart out on his incredible new ballad ‘One More Goodbye’.

The single is the star’s most personal release yet. As the title suggests, Daniel went through a break-up a few months ago and turned to music to deal with the heartbreak. The single highlights the highs and lows of the relationship before the singer admits that he would love the opportunity to have ‘one more goodbye’. The single clearly comes from an honest place. The singer poured his feelings into the song and the raw emotion makes it one easily for audiences to connect to. The stripped down single sees Daniel share his experiences and grief without the theatrics and the massive production which dominated his previous album. It’s just him and his piano. It’s always special when an artist uses their craft to deal with real-life situations and we often find that it’s when an artist creates some of their best work.

“Three months ago my heart broke. These months have been very difficult and I allowed my heart to bleed into my music while I recorded a bunch of songs,” Daniel tells us. “This is the first of them and one of the hardest songs I’ve ever had to write. To anyone out there that is going through heartbreak, stay close to God and you’ll be fine.”

I think so many people are going to identify with Daniel’s heartache. We’ve all been through a tough break-up and the material is certainly going to strike a chord with thousands of people around the country. Sometimes overcoming hardship means allowing yourself to hurt and that’s exactly what Daniel has done with this single.

‘One More Goodbye’ is now available on all major digital music platforms. Support local music and download or stream the single today.

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