Local electronic duo, Easy Freak, are still dominating the local airwaves with their hit single ‘Cap2vated’ but they’ve already released the official follow-up single – and it’s something completely unexpected from the group. The duo decided to do something different on their new single ‘Good Times’ and have gone old-school on us!

The song has a nostalgic feel to it and takes us back to the sound Justin Bieber explored in the early days of his career. The song has a strong R&B-influence to it and shows off a side of the Durban duo we never knew existed. Dom Hurd gives a smooth vocal performance while Jude Kendrick delivers a production that easily gives the song a prominent place in 2018’s music space.

When it comes to the composition of the track, the duo explore the fallacy of musicians and the high life. “‘Good Times’ is all about good vibes and not taking yourself too seriously. The lyrics are pretty relatable as well – ‘I don’t have no diamonds but I shine bright!’. Very often the Hip Hop music scene is portrayed as being really lavish and image-driven, but we live pretty normal lives so we wanted to carry that across.” Jude tells us about the song’s lyrical content.

The duo dropped a hilarious old-school karaoke video for the track which perfectly compliments it’s message. In the video, Dom and Jude are characters out of an ‘80s karaoke video and is filled with many cringe-worthy shots which are bound to have viewers in stitches. “Our fans can expect a lot of laughs when watching this fun video; we expect their cheeks to be sore from smiling so much,” Jude continues. “Brett Jones did such an amazing job with the shooting and the edit; there’s so much good energy that’s carried across through the music video and we hope people feel that when they vibe to ‘Good Times’.”

The song is an important one in the duo’s career because it shows the country that Easy Freak is able to push themselves out of their comfort zone and make good music in the process. ‘Good Times’ is out now on all major digital music platforms.

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