It’s been quite an exciting year for Britain’s Got Talent winner Calum Scott. His recent hit ‘You Are The Reason’ has achieved a massive amount of success around the world, he dropped his debut studio album ‘Only Human’ and he embarked on his first ever headline tour around Europe. Now, as fans keep on streaming ‘You Are The Reason’, Calum has picked ‘What I Miss Most’ as the next chapter in his exciting career so far.

The song shows audiences that Calum can effortlessly tackle an upbeat track with just as much emotion and finesse as his power ballads. The song is all about nostalgia and pays homage to Calum’s hometown of Kingston upon Hull, located in Northern England. As expected, Calum delivers yet another flawless vocal performance on the track and uses his songwriting talents to make this pop track more than just a catchy radio jam. It’s an incredibly meaningful song to the singer who is able to get listeners to feel the emotion he exudes from the track and adapt it to their own lives. It’s the thing that continuously sets him apart and something that makes his entire album unique.

“‘What I Miss Most’ is one of my favourite tracks to play live,” Calum says. “It’s a song I wrote in Sweden and is an upbeat song with an optimistic view of my journey so far. It’s about how I’ve gone from a normal Yorkshireman to being thrown into this incredible career but missing home and missing people back home and missing the town and the streets and everything.” He adds that “Being in different places all over the world, coming home is one of my favourite things to do because I see the people that I’ve grown up with, I walk the streets I’ve walked down my entire life and I just feel at home’.

The song showcases that there is a lot more to Calum Scott than he’s let on so far which makes us very excited to see what else he has up his sleeve in the future. ‘What I Miss Most’ is available on ‘Only Human’ which is available digitally and in stores now.

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