South African rock group, Kongos, have had their fair share of international success. Their 2016 album Egomaniac spawned hits like ‘Take It From Me’ and ‘Birds Do It’. Now, after a short hiatus, the band is back! The group has just released their comeback single ‘Real Life’ and announced that they will be releasing their fourth studio album ‘1929’ this year.

With “Real Life”, the band takes a departure from their signature thundering drums, guitar riffs and anthemic vocals to deliver a broken down and beautifully melodic commentary on a desire for something more than the distractions of modern life. The song comes in at just over two minutes long which is incredibly short but it’s nice to see the group do something different sonically and show fans a side of them they may not have seen yet.

“We really wanted to show a different side of ourselves with this first track and change expectations. People know us for our heavier, hooky, tribal accordion rock stuff, which we are still developing on this new album, but our sound has always been varied and we wanted to create a new first impression with 1929,” Jesse Kongos says. Johnny Kongos adds that “with the four brothers writing individually, the results have been quite diverse and we’re really excited about that.”

“Real Life” and all the new songs from 1929, the bands 4th studio album, will be featured in ‘Bus Call – Life On Tour’, a 10 part- documentary series. So many artists have jumped on the documentary bandwagon and it’s a great way to show fans a glimpse into their lives and their music. People seem to connect more with an artist when they are open about their lives and this docuseries promises to do just that. Cut down from over a thousand hours of footage from more than 30 countries, hundreds of cities, countless venues, hotels and dressing rooms, as well as a wealth of home video, the series tells a unique story of a band of brothers and gives an unprecedented and realistic window into one of the most coveted and often overly-romanticized jobs in the world: touring in a rock band.


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