Local dance duo Pascal & Pearce made their highly-anticipated comeback earlier this year when they dropped their comeback single ‘Running Wild’ with Jethro Tait. The song became a massive radio hit and topped charts around the country. Now, the duo is wasting no time and they’re back with another banger titled ‘Lose Control’ – and this time, they got South Africa’s Got Talent winner Johnny Apple on the vocals.

The song has been described as a summer house anthem and it’s a song the duo has been working on for almost two years. Inspired by the season, their aim was to create a dance song which was ideal for sunshine and happy times, or at least a nostalgic reminder of those times. However, the song took a back seat until they connected with Johnny Apple. The trio revisited the track and the song came to life. “I enjoyed writing the lyrics for ‘Lose Control’ with a friend of mine, Andrè Scheepers. When I first heard the track I knew I wanted to sing on it. The song is about enjoying the moment and having a good time,” Johnny tells us. “Pascal and Pearce are such talented dudes and it’s really cool to be a part of their project.”

Johnny has the ability to mould his voice to a variety of genres and it’s been really exciting to see how he is able to adapt his voice when needed. We already know he can belt out a ballad and hearing him on a dance track proves he’s a jack of all trades. When we asked him about the difference about appearing on a dance track he tells us that “Music is music to me. I just go with the flow and try to deliver my best performance every single time.” Johnny is also working on new music which he tells us is “totally unexpected”. He promises that the new material is unlike anything we’ve heard from him before and that he’s excited to share the new music with his fans. But, in the meantime, we’ll be jamming to ‘Lose Control’ which is available on all major digital platforms now.

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