Danish pop star Christopher continues to break boundaries as he continues to set his eye on international superstardom. As a platinum-selling act in his native home of Denmark, Christopher has, over the past few years, adapted his sound to reach an international audience. Earlier this year, he released his hit single ‘Bad’, which became one of the most successful songs of his career and now, he’s continuing that stream with his groovy new single ‘Monogamy’.

The first thing that stands out within seconds of the song is its rich bassline. The pop banger adds a variety of strong percussions to the song which give the star a solid platform to lay down his slick vocals. What’s special about Christopher is his ability to adapt his vocal performance where needed and flip-flops between his normal and high registers effortlessly on the song.

The song is about self-restraint when it comes to love and Christopher sings about how often he had to stop himself from potentially cheating during a relationship. “‘Monogamy’ is a song about love and about true love. I think everybody who has been in a relationship has, at some point, felt like ‘this is tempting’,” the singer says. “It’s okay to be tempted and it’s okay to be confused sometimes but it’s even more important to get home to the one you love and make them feel secure about your relationship and secure about you and you can only make that happen if you tell that person ‘this is unjealous love, this is unselfish love and there is no one else but you and me’. That’s what I tried to do in this song.”

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