Easy Freak have taken the local dance space by storm over the past two years and are slowly building a name for themselves. Their new single ‘Cap2vated’ is racing up charts around the country as they continue to promote their debut album ‘I’m Alright’. This week, we chat to the group’s Jude about their unique name, their new single and their success so far.

You landed on quite an interesting name. What inspired ‘Easy Freak’?

We get asked this a lot and we wish we had a really deep and meaningful explanation but we literally got the name from Dom’s brother. It sounded really good and when Dom wrote it out it looked really dope!

You’ve had quite a successful run since your debut. What, in your opinion, makes you stand out?

We’ve been so blessed to have had the success and support since our debut release. It’s been such a humbling experience. We believe that our sound is really unique, especially in the South African music industry. We feel that our music and our sound brings about a freshness!

You take a rather interesting sonic approach to pop music. What musical styles inspire you?

We’ve both studied music and listen to a vast variety of music between the two of us from jazz, hip-hop, rock, classical, and everything between. I guess that because we both listen to so much music it makes our approach to pop music a little different; it’s always such a vibe getting to write together and bounce off ideas from each other.

‘Cap2vated’ did massive things around the country. Tell us a bit about the song.

‘Cap2vated’ is actually a remix of a slower track off our debut album ‘I’m Alright’. The original track is pretty deep and mellow. It talks about a relationship with God, and we got such great feedback from a lot of people that we decided to do a more up-beat version of it. People can vibe with either version depending on their mood. But, it’s been so great seeing the support that ‘Cap2vated’ has received!

The song has an awesome video as well. What inspired the concept?

Thank you! Avi Mack was the videographer behind the music video and he did an incredible job! We wanted to have more of a story line in this music video and Avi really portrayed that so well. You get to see the love story of a guy and girl who meet at a diner and fall in love as the night goes on. The cool part is that the bulk of the video is a flashback of the night. It’s great how Avi Mack played around with the concept of time.

The song has been a massive success on local radio. Do you think radio airplay is still as important in breaking new artists in this streaming era we’re in?

Radio will always be an important platform and we’ve received so much support from local radio stations. It definitely helps break newer artists and we’ve felt that for sure. But the digital platforms for streaming music are just as important and it definitely plays a huge role in helping new artists break out.

Your latest single ‘Good Times’ is something different from you guys. Tell us a bit more about the song.

‘Good Times’ is all about good vibes and not taking yourself too seriously. The lyrics are pretty relatable as well – ‘I don’t have no diamonds but I shine bright!’. Very often the Hip Hop music scene is portrayed as being really lavish and image-driven, but we live pretty normal lives so we wanted to carry that across.

Which local and international artists would you be keen on collaborating with?

There are so many incredible artists here in South Africa! We’d love to work with guys like Tresor, Jimmy Nevis, DJ Speedsta, J Molley, Euphonik etc. International artists we’d love to collab with would be artists like Majid Jordan, Izzy Bizzu, GoldLink. Maybe even Big Shaq, cos man’s not hot.

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