Norwegian pop star Astrid S is quickly becoming one of the most exciting new names in pop music today. The star has spent the last six months in the studio working on her next body of work which is expected to be some of her best work to date. Astrid S had an idea to create a song using lyrics sent to her by fans. So, she threw the idea forward through her social media platforms and got over 5000 responses from her fans. She printed them all out and started writing a song which she documented in this really exciting YouTube clip.

The result is a song called ‘Relevant’ which she says is a break-up song about a fuckboy. The song came to life in a single day and the video above perfectly documents everything from the chord progression, the track’s production and, of course, the songwriting process. Naturally, the star was knackered after a full day in the studio but the result is really impressive. Watch the lyric video below and take a look at what Astrid S cooked up:

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