Over the past few weeks, Jethro Tait has been dominating the pop charts around the country with his impressive debut single ‘One For The Books (A.U.I)’. The song introduces us to the star as a solo artist and hints at his musical direction going forward. With a strong production and even better lyrical content, the song has become a hit – and to celebrate, Jethro has dropped the track’s official music video.

The video’s concept is pretty simple and was shot over the course of one week in May and was filmed, edited and directed by Josh Adams, who Jethro went to school with and grew up skateboarding with. The video was shot in and around Cape Town, and the nightlife scenes at The Station on Bree Street. The video features Jethro’s girlfriend Chanley Wong which I thought was an adorable touch and sees the star out on a drunken bender and is a literal interpretation of the song and its lyrics with a few abstract ideas in between.

“The video revolves around a night out where things get a little out of hand. I have a little too much to drink and just let loose. It’s not so much about going out with friends and having a good time it’s more about me having an experience by myself, blowing off steam, and not caring too much about what anyone around me is doing or thinking.” Jethro says. “It’s my first solo music video and I think it suits the song and represents what it’s about. I had a lot of fun shooting it and it was awesome being able to work on it with people who know me because it made me feel a lot more comfortable. I am excited to show it to the rest of the world.”

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