Mango Groove’s recent studio album ‘Faces To The Sun’ is almost two years old but it’s still filled with some wonderful gems. So, it’s unsurprising that the group has picked their Paul Simon and Linda Rondstadt cover ‘Under African Skies’ as they continue to promote the record. The version is a duet with the king of Afrikaans pop music, Kurt Darren, and the late ‘’Big Voice Jack’’ Lerole and is another spectacular release from the Proudly South African group.

In true Mango Groove style, the song has been given a complete African interpretation. Jack Lerole, a founding member of Mango Groove, is known for his incredible penny whistle-playing and does a phenomenal job on the record while the chemistry between Claire Johnston and Kurt Darren is clear.

On ‘Faces To The Sun’, Mango Groove looked for a variety of local acts to collaborate with while recording covers of some of the greatest South African songs in their own unique way. When the group decided to cover ‘Under African Skies’, Claire knew that Kurt would be the perfect addition to the song. “It goes without saying that we were hugely honoured and touched that Kurt agreed to come on board for the recording, and then the video shoot,” Claire says. “We have always loved Kurt’s voice, and he is such a legendary SA artist and writer, and when he came in for the session it just absolutely clicked on every level.”

Naturally, Kurt shares the sentiment. “It was a joy working with Mango Groove on this track, so when the opportunity came to shoot a video for it, I jumped at the chance,” he explains. “I have always loved Claire’s voice, and it is such an interesting interpretation of an iconic song, that the collaboration made perfect sense to me. I am super-chuffed to be part of the project.”

‘Under African Skies’ is available on Mango Groove’s latest album ‘Faces To The Sun’ and can be found in stores or on your favourite digital music service.

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