Lady Zamar has been responsible for some of the biggest dance hits to come out of South Africa over the past two years. After dominating the local airwaves with her recent hit ‘Collide’, the star is back with yet another fantastic single off her debut album ‘King Zamar’ as ‘It’s You (Dreaming)’ starts its run on radio stations around the country.

The song is another banger and follows a similar recipe to the tracks Lady Zamar has already charmed the country with. In the video, the star tries to inspire her audience to dream – and reach for the stars while doing so. “You have to dream… It starts there. The desire to be more, to want more, believe more… You have to believe that you were made to succeed, to prosper and be happy no matter your circumstances and background. You can be more, you can do more,” the star says about the narrative of the song.

Lady Zamar adds that “It won’t be easy, but then again nothing good comes easy. If we don’t try we will never become. This is a God dream. Do it for those who can’t, who won’t and for those who need an inspirational example and a hero. Dare to dream little child, do not allow the world to diminish your light. You were born for greatness you are a living legend, god bless you always… ‘It hurts the most when I’m dreaming…'”

The star just premiered the official video for the track and it’s a soft, beautifully shot visual which really brings the song’s message and meaning to life in the simplest of ways.

With every release, Lady Zamar proves she is a force to be reckoned with and with over 30 000 views in just two days, the song is set for as much success as her previous tracks.

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