Local pop star Daniel Baron is heating up the airwaves with his brand-new break-up single ‘One More Goodbye’ and while the ballad shows off a softer, more emotional side of the star, the singer has just dropped another new track titled ‘Sacrifice’ which is another upbeat banger from the star.

The star continues to put his emotions into song and while ‘One More Goodbye’ was more about having his heart ripped into shreds, ‘Sacrifice’ sees the star deal with his heartbreak. “I took a funky bass-line, a sexy beat, and let my frustration out,” Daniel says of the track. “I woke up and I wanted to move forward with a new sound and new attitude. I wanted to create a song with sex appeal and that’s how the song came to life.”

Daniel continues to push boundaries with his sound and it’s great to see him explore different sounds and genres with his new music. ‘Sacrifice’ is out now on all major digital music platforms. Support local music and download or stream the song today.

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