Snotkop is dominating download and streaming charts around the country as fans finally dig in to his new album ‘Sous’. The album comes two years after his previous chart-topping album ‘HKGK’ and features lead single ‘Souserig’ as well as 12 other brand new tracks. With the album being well-received around the country, the singer chats to us about his previous success and the sonic direction he embarked on with this record.

“My previous album achieved triple gold status and ‘Cool Soos Koos Kombuis’ achieved diamond status on digital downloads and streams alone. So, I wanted to create something that could stand alone, and ‘Sous’ does exactly that,” Snotkop says. “It’s slightly different to my previous work but with the same dance beats and baselines that one can expect from my music. I wanted to create the ultimate party album with clever lyrics and fun themes. Every album needs to be a new work of art, so to try and emulate your previous work would be pointless. The response so far has been incredible and I am truly so grateful to all my fans that are so loyal…”

Snotkop has always tried to push boundaries with his music and the video for ‘Souserig’ is no exception. The video features the star meeting a girl’s parents for the first time and, as expected, chaos ensues. “My videos are slightly wilder than your average local Afrikaans music video. This video is no exception,” Snotkop says. “We went all out on budget and created a studio room in an elaborate Johannesburg studio that we completely burnt down. The video features some of South Africa’s top actors such as Hilda from Sewende Laan as the Ouma.”

His tongue-in-cheek approach to his music has made him one of the most refreshing and entertaining acts to watch but it also means that some tracks aren’t radio friendly. However, with smart lyrical content, catchy compositions and simplistic productions, Snotkop has become one of the countries biggest live music acts.

‘Sous’ is out everywhere right now.

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