While the country is still coming to terms with the passing of ProKid who passed away after “he suffered a severe seizure attack while visiting friends”, various celebrities have opened up about the impact ProKid had on their lives and their careers. One such celebrity is AKA who opened up to his Twitter followers about just how much the hip-hop legend meant to him and how he set the star on his path to greatness.

“REST IN PEACE TO ONE OF THE GREATEST TO EVER DO IT. Gave me my break as a producer, gave me my break as an artist … There will never be another PRO,” AKA tweeted adding that he wished he had done more to reach out to the star. “I just wish I had taken more time to reach out and do more … life is so short, it’s crazy. I had all the opportunities to reach out, and make music with him … I kept delaying, kept getting caught up in whatever stupid shit I was doing … now he’s gone, forever. Shit is crazy.”

The star also shared just how much the star inspired him to take risks and to reach for the stars during his early days making music. “I once asked PRO if I could be as successful as him doing rap in English one night at Roxy’s in Melville … he laughed and said I could be as big as I wanted to be. That was Linda, warm, down to earth. The worst part is that I feel like we could have done more, made more music … reached out more. It’s like we didn’t show up for him after everything he did for the game …. even for me in particular. Now he’s gone man. There would be no charts to top, no deals to sign, no tours no nothing without Linda Mkhize and what he did for this industry & that’s the shit we got caught up in, too busy with our own nonsense to reach out to our own big brother and talk to him, sit with him. Appreciate him.”

ProKid’s family are still trying to make sense of the star’s passing and have reportedly already started with the funeral arrangements. Has the star made an impact in your life? Let us know in the comments section.

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