Leah has won the hearts of many people around the country with her soulful vocal and impressive acting skills. After releasing her brilliant debut album ‘Wonderwerk’ and having just being announced as the new host for KykNet’s popular reality show Boer Soek ‘n Vrou, we caught up with the star and got to know her a bit better.

You’ve crept into the hearts of so many with your beautiful music. What is your ultimate goal when releasing music to the public?

I just want the public to feel every song with me. Even if it touches one person then the song is a success. Music is there to be enjoyed and to take you on a journey, hopefully most will enjoy the journey with me.

Where did your passion for music begin?

I think I was born with it. My whole family is very musical so it might have been genetics too. I grew up with music in our house and we constantly had little ‘concerts’ either on the coffee table or I would just pop up in-front of my parents and start singing or dancing. Yes, I was that child.

Besides music, you’re an actress as well. How differently do you approach each medium?

I enjoy both immensely, but I think the thrill of being live on stage in the moment with the audience, is something indescribable. But I do approach both mediums with as much professionalism as I can and for an acting role, I feel way more prep work is involved. On stage, I am 100% ME, acting could be the complete opposite, and that makes it very exciting.

You’ve been touring the country extensively over the past few months. What, in your opinion, makes a great live show?

Keeping it original! Doing so many shows, one can easily fall into the same routine and same show, so I try to add a few extras like rapping, costume changes, some random dance moves and new songs and sometimes new wigs as well. I am a very visually drawn person, so I want the look and sound to go together.

Which local and international artists inspire you?

Locally, Laurika Rauch. She is absolutely timeless and classic and she is still going strong after a sensational career! Internationally, Taylor Swift. I would love to be her best friend. Ed Sheeran also inspires me. His voice, his lyrics, his music… I wish I could call his album mine!

You’ve done a lot of growing since your debut album released back in 2015. How will your follow-up record be different?

I have started writing myself, which in itself is a very big step for me. So, my music will have grown with me as I have grown in this industry. We still want my music to resonate with the majority of the market, but still keeping true to who I am and Johan Vorster (who writes most of my songs) completely gets that.

What do the next few months have in store for you?

Studio sessions, shows, filming ‘Boer Soek ‘n Vrou’ and then hopefully seeing my husband in between! Oh, and my second film, ‘Susters’ is releasing on the 30th March 2018 – and it’s beautiful.

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