Earlier this year, local songstress Zonke made a powerful musical comeback as she dropped ‘L.O.V.E.’ – her first album in three years. The star received an overwhelming response to the project and the lead single ‘Tonight’ has become another hit for the star. Now, Zonke has premiered the official music video for the song and it embodies everything the song has to say.

The video, like the song, is a tribute to life and appreciation of the present moment. “I wanted to capture the essence of the song in this music video – Tonight is about one of those moments where you need to be present and take it all in. What would you do if you only had a few moments with your loved one?” the singer asks.

In the well-shot clip, Zonke wishes upon a star and magically meets a man she had been looking at on a magazine cover. The two spend some romantic one-on-one time together by making a meal at home, going on a romantic walk on the beach and enjoying the limited time they know they have together.

An irresistible slice of late-night sensuality, filtered over bass-heavy grooves and spliced with subtly suggestive piano parts, Tonight is a siren call for those who know that the only moment that counts is the present one.

When it came to recording ‘L.O.V.E.’, Zonke didn’t shy away from creating music that signals the year it was made in. “As much as you might be a musician who has a signature sound, you need to be able to carry that through the different times you find yourself working in,” she explains. That said, Zonke is, if anything, even more self-directed in her music-making than she’s ever been in her considerable career. “I don’t worry about relevance or sit and think about how I am going to make my music sound ‘now’. I am only true to my artistic journey which has always been about not following where others have gone, but about starting something new.”

The video has already gained thousands of views and we have a feeling that that number is going to keep on climbing drastically.

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