Simeon Kriel is no stranger to the local music scene. The drummer has played in various bands throughout his career and is finally stepping up as a solo artist. Simeon has been working hard to craft his unique sound and is finally ready to premiere his solo music to the world as the star premieres his debut solo single ‘Simple World’.

The track has an edgy electronic sound to it and sees the star dabble with dance and pop elements as well. “The song is about me still struggling with a few demons I thought I would be free of by now and that we all actually struggle with the same things in life,” Simeon says. “The chorus is the ‘calm and peace’ in the storm. It is okay to struggle and have your demons and, in the end, it is what makes the world spin and it always works out for the best. With that said, music is so broad and personal. I love to hear what people make of it. So, naturally, the song is actually open to everyone’s own interpretation.”

The song is now available on your favourite digital music platform.

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