Local singing sensation, Johnny Clegg, has quietly been battling cancer over the past two years while he also performed his final farewell tour around the world and released his brand-new album ‘King of Time’. However, after undergoing chemotherapy for the last few weeks in private, the star has updated his fans on his condition and world tour in an inspiring Facebook post.

“On the 9th of April 2015 I was diagnosed with stage 2 pancreatic cancer. Two days later I had a 7 hour Whipple operation removing half my pancreas, my gall bladder, bile duct, duodenum and half my stomach. Six weeks later I went onto a six months chemotherapy regimen (Gemcitabine) and at the end of November 2015 I was pronounced in remission,” Johnny explains. “In 2016 I continued with my career but in August the cancer reappeared and I went into another six months of chemo (Folfirinox) and in February 2017, I was again pronounced in remission.”

Johnny adds that it was then when the idea of a farewell tour came about. “At this point, I discussed my career with my family and my management as it was hard to tell what the future held for me health wise. It was decided to do a world – wide Final Journey tour to say farewell to my public supporters while I was still strong and able to perform both mentally and physically,” he says. However, it was then when his cancer had returned and was more aggressive than ever. “I started in South Africa, then London and Dubai but unfortunately, after the USA and Canadian leg in October 2017, the cancer re-emerged again with a very high tumor count as well as lesions in my lungs. This moved my level from stage 2 to stage 4. I had to undergo tests and go back on chemo (Abraxane and Gemcitabine). The world tour had to be postponed which included France, Switzerland, Australia, Zimbabwe, and Mauritius amongst other places where promoters were
interested in staging the Final Journey show.”

The star had been fighting the cancer away from the public eye for a while now and while the cancer isn’t completely gone, the star is excited about the progress of his battle. “Three weeks ago my third 6 month chemo cycle finished. One small lesion in the right upper lung is still slightly active and it will probably have to be removed by radiation treatment. I expect this to be an ongoing challenge,” Johnny continued.

Johnny went on to assure fans that he plans on seeing out the remainder of his final international tour dates. “I will re-commence the worldwide Final Journey concerts for some of the territories abandoned last year due to the health issue, starting with Mauritius and then Zimbabwe,” Johnny continued. “France and other territories will have to wait till 2019 and further prognosis related to my lungs.”

We’re so glad the star is doing better and we hope he’s back to his normal, healthy self soonest.

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