After appearing on the second season of The Voice South Africa, Armand Joubert has rocked the local pop space. His singles ‘Should I’, ‘So Gone’ and ‘Sun Back’ have all become radio hits and the star is fast-cementing himself as a pop powerhouse.

His current single ‘Sun Back’ recently hit number one on 5FM’s ‘Top 10@10’ with many calling the single the star’s best work to date. “The inspiration behind ‘Sun Back’ was simple – I wanted to make people feel good. It’s about putting the sun back in sky which essentially means that the dark days are over,” Armand tells us. “The song is about rising above everything that has been trying to get you down. It’s also a song about your loved ones and enjoying the summer with them.”

The star has also revealed that he has been spending quite a bit of time in the studio at the moment and is excited to bring a full body of work to his fans soon. “I’m writing and recording a lot of music and there’s a great concept coming together for an album which I will definitely release probably in the next year.”

With a loyal fanbase, an edgy approach to pop music and inspiring lyrical content, Armand has managed to create music that is both relatable and catchy. When asked about why he thinks so many people relate to him, Armand tells us that he strives to always be himself and his fans can see that. “You can have great music but if people can’t place you, then they can’t resonate with you. I’m a vessel for the music so I need to be open and honest in every area of my life and that’s why I think people relate with my music.”

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